Vanity Numbers

TFN eBOOK.pdf - Adobe ReaderA vanity phone number consists of digits that spell out a name, phrase, or slogan. For instance, the floral magnate 1-800-FLOWERS purchased a toll-free number that obviously reflects their product, an incredibly wise choice. A vanity number is commonly used to increase brand awareness and boost the chances of consumers actually making contact, in that it is both memorable and informative. It is, essentially, one of the most inexpensive and powerful marketing tools available, and it can increase response rates exponentially.

Not only will a vanity number enable you to carry your brand imaging over to your phone number (which is more than can be said for a normal, numerical phone number), it is a great way to provide consumers with a clear, concise message that states the services or products you provide. You can also use vanity numbers to increase your company’s credibility and build a stronger presence in your industry. It improves your repeat-call ratio because the consumer will more easily recognize and remember your number for future transactions. It is often said that people remember a vanity number after hearing it only once, thereby increasing your marketing power easily and affordably.

While a toll-free vanity number can be a great investment, it can also fall short of your expectations. The key is selecting a number that is clear, concise, and creative. We will discuss these three Cs of toll-free number selection later in this book. However, if you already have a vanity toll-free number in mind, you can visit to see if it’s still available or to try out other vanity number combinations.


The benefits of having a toll-free number



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