The advantages of recording your own voice prompts

Recording the voice prompts yourself, or even having a friend do it on your behalf, is a cost-efficient way to provide customers with a personal greeting, though you may find that the quality and clarity simply aren’t there. If you would still like to do it yourself, there are a few things you can do to make the voice prompts and messages more professional. For example, if you have a strong accent or don’t feel as though you can speak clearly enough, you may want to enlist a friend with a neutral voice who enunciates well. Avoid using background music or sound effects because these will detract from your message and only confuse your customers.

The best thing about recording your own voice prompts is the ability to stretch your marketing dollar and direct that portion of your budget toward another marketing tool. In addition, you can truly personalize the message and make it your own. Your clients or customers may like that it’s your voice they hear when they dial your number, adding a special touch to your customized customer service.


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