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TFN eBOOK.pdf - Adobe ReaderIf you’ve searched the internet for sites offering toll-free numbers, you’ve likely already discovered that there are numerous companies offering this service.

It can be overwhelming because you may not know which company is best and which companies aren’t legitimate or competent enough to serve your needs. Some companies will overcharge for toll-free numbers and not even offer you helpful features.


This is why is such a popular site. This company focuses on customer service and strives to help each of their customers with the ideal toll-free number for their individual needs.

Whether you have a small business that is just starting out or a large corporation that has been around for years, will assist you in finding and securing the toll-free number that will bring you the most business and increase profits.

It’s currently difficult to find a company that is really customer focused. Many companies might claim to be, but don’t back it up with superior customer-support services. The website has a proven track record of prioritizing customer service and provides more than 100,000 businesses spanning all 50 states with toll-free numbers.

Own your number

Choosing also provides you with the opportunity to actually own your number, rather than simply “renting” it. A number of other toll-free number services will only rent your toll-free number to you.

TFN eBOOK.pdf - Adobe ReaderThis means that when you switch your provider, you will have to change your number as well. Thus, you will experience a significant decrease in the amount of business you receive from your toll-free number until you have the chance to build up new business with a subsequent toll-free number.

This equates to lost time and money, as well as wasted marketing efforts. The advantages of purchasing your number through also utilizes a fiber optic network, resulting in crystal-clear quality during your calls. Surprisingly, a good number of other toll-free number services use VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which can greatly diminish call quality. This can reflect poorly upon your business and even make it difficult to clearly communicate with consumers while addressing their concerns or trying to make a sale.

Yet another reason to choose is that they offer all of these benefits at a low price point. You won’t find any overinflated charges or hidden fees that slowly, but surely, pile up. This provider keeps its rates affordable, keeping in mind that you want to achieve the myriad of advantages that come from owning a toll-free number while still stretching your marketing budget to get the most out of every penny.

This provider is reliable, while refusing to sacrifice affordability and superb service.

 Get your toll-free

Given that understands that you probably have a to-do list that’s always growing and a schedule that’s filling up by the minute, you can visit their site for all of your toll-free number needs. Count on to be your one-stop shop for everything related to your toll-free number. From wonderful and useful features to a variety of online tools and resources that can help you to find the perfect toll-free number, is the only destination for your new toll-free number.

Typical costs involved in owning a toll-free number


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