Television ads

It’s a common misconception that television ads are only for huge companies that have expansive marketing budgets. You can have a TV spot produced for as little as $1,000 and aired for around $5 for every 1,000 viewers. This means you can have a quality television commercial for under $1,200 in small and medium-sized markets. The key is to search online for freelancers who are willing to produce the commercial for you at a discounted rate and can make sure the quality is up to the standards of both your business and the station on which you wish to run the advertisement. It’s best to avoid letting the TV station’s production department create the commercial for you. Though the cost may be low, the quality probably won’t be up to par.

Having a toll-free number for a television ad is almost a necessity, given that you want as many people to remember your contact information as possible. Providing them with only a local number can look unprofessional, especially if you are advertising to a state or nationwide audience. It can also be ineffective because few people are waiting around with a pen and paper ready to take down your numerical phone number.





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