Optimizing your online presence

Last, but certainly not least, is optimizing your online presence. This refers to making the most of your website and blog. Every existing business that is striving for success should have at least a website and a blog. If you don’t have either of those things, you are missing out on a ton of business and will probably to lose customers to your tech-savvy competition.

Your website and other online platforms should include your toll-free number, instead of just email, in order to give people an offline way to contact you. You should also have your website and blog optimized for keywords. For instance, if you happen to own a candy company based in San Antonio, then you would use the keyword phrases “chocolate Texas” or “candy San Antonio.” Many online companies can optimize your website content for keywords (which is called search engine optimization or SEO) and create new blog posts for you which are also optimized. This helps people find you among the other thousands of candy companies online, making the most of your marketing dollar and increasing your business.

It’s important to make your website easy for your customers to navigate. Don’t include too many pop ups or banners, and minimize the number of ads you place on its pages, especially the home page. You should also make sure that each button is active and visitors can reach different sections of your site without worrying about being misdirected to an undesired page. As for your blog, be sure to post as much as possible and make the content informative and enticing. You can post something that is off your usual topic and find a way to relate it back to your business. This way, your readers will feel that they have learned something from your post, giving you an increased chance of gaining a happy customer.

As you can see, there are many marketing techniques that you can use to achieve maximum impact when paired with your toll-free number, and many of the above-listed tools are fairly affordable. In today’s economy, most companies can ill afford costly marketing techniques that aren’t proven to lead to sales. Therefore, the marketing tools we’ve listed above are recommended due to their low price point and ability to reach your customer base by advertising your toll-free number to your target market.


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