It gives you an edge over the competition

Once again, a customer is more apt to contact a business that offers them the option of contacting it via toll-free number, as opposed to a business that only offers contact through email or local telephone numbers.

Consider this: Would you be more likely to make a purchase through a website that only offered email communication, or one that gave you the chance to call them via a toll-free number? If you are like most consumers, you would choose the business with the toll-free number so that you can ask any questions or have your concerns addressed immediately.  The business with the toll-free number will typically get the sale, leaving businesses lacking one to regret missing out on a valuable marketing tool.


The numbers add up

TFN eBOOK.pdf - Adobe ReaderThough business owners may not connect toll-free numbers with increased profit margins, having one improves your chances of sales and increases repeat business because it maximizes your marketing budget without requiring a significant investment.

Unlike many other marketing tools, you can get a tollfree number for a low monthly fee and a nominal fee for the minutes that you use. Each member of your sales team, no matter how big or small that team may be, can have access to an extension of your tollfree number. This adds further credibility to your sales team as a whole and serves as a convenient, affordable communication network between you and your sales staff; even if sales staff members are out in the field, you and your consumer can reach them easily.


Toll-free numbers can boost sales by enabling you to handle a larger call volume.

You will be able to accept more calls at one time, making sure you don’t lose sales due to busy signals or unanswered calls. Any concerns about order placement or other questions your customers have will be answered promptly, which is better than making them wait for an email response or for the phone line to free up.

Any business owner will vouch for the fact that a happy customer means a happy bottom line. Happy customers can also lead to happy employees, given that they won’t have to handle disgruntled customers. This equates to increased production and an increased level of customer service.

Thus, having a toll-free number is a win-win situation for everyone involved, which can only mean that your sales numbers will rise in the near future.


The types of businesses that could benefit from a toll-free number



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