Instances where a non-vanity toll-free number may be more beneficial.

TFN eBOOK.pdf - Adobe ReaderThough nine times out of ten a vanity number is far more beneficial than a numerical one, a few cases prove to be the exceptions to the rule. For instance, if you’re planning on marketing to mainly foreign language-speaking consumers, then you should choose an all-numerical number, due to the language barrier. In some cases, businesses that cater to the elderly are better suited to numerical phone numbers.

In addition, a vanity phone number won’t provide as many benefits if you are only using it for call center purposes and know that you are going to have to purchase multiple toll-free numbers for the same center. In this case, you are not necessarily striving to market your call center, so it’s not crucial to have a vanity number. On the other hand, your corporate headquarters should definitely have a vanity toll-free number line because it handles all of the incoming calls from prospective and current customers.


Get creative (but be clear and concise) when choosing your toll-free number



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