Your Guide to Money-Making Toll-free Numbers

Thank you for your interest my book.  In addition to founding The Toll Free Number Organization at TollfreeNumber.ORG, i’ve also worked with some of the worlds top phone companies and I want to share what I have learned in hopes that I can help you today.

It may seem like toll-free numbers have been around forever, but purchasing a phone number that didn’t cost the consumer a dime in service charges is a relatively new concept.

AT&T provided companies with toll-free numbers in 1967. By that time, tollfree numbers had been used in the UK for years.

In 1984, the Bell Company was dissolved, and new long-distance carriers were able to pick up bundles of toll-free numbers and sell them at lower than what was traditionally offered.  By 1996 toll-free numbers were the norm in business and by the beginning of 2000, the majority of U.S. small business owners were using toll-free numbers to help improve business.

Here’s my book on how they do it…



                 – Introduction

Chapter 1: Toll-free Numbers 101

Chapter 2: Choosing the Perfect Tollfree Number.

Chapter 3: How to Make Your Toll-free Number Work for You.

Chapter 4: How to Pick a Toll-free Number Service Provider.

                  – The Provider List

Chapter 5: Alternative Uses for a Toll-free Number

Chapter 6: How Toll-free Numbers Work For Any Business Model

Chapter 7: Answering Your Toll-free Number Questions

Chapter 8: How To Market Your Business

Chapter 9: Choosing a Professional Voice Service

Chapter 10: Tips for Running a Successful Business

                  – Conclusion



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Toll-free Numbers 101