Deciding which special area code to use

TFN eBOOK.pdf - Adobe ReaderOnce you select your vanity number or numerical toll-free number, it’s time to move on to choosing the special area code. The four most common prefixes are: 800, 888, 877, and 866. Believe it or not, the prefix you choose directly impacts your toll-free number’s success. For example, 800 numbers are the cream of the crop. If at all possible, snag an 800 area code because they are the most popular and, therefore, the easiest to remember. All the other prefixes have chance of being misdialed, possibly resulting in the 800 variation of your tollfree number being dialed instead. (People may dial Deciding which special area code to use.

The 888 numbers come in second on the list of ideal prefixes. Though they aren’t quite as good as the 800 numbers, given the reasons listed above, they are a smart choice if your 800 number has already been taken by a competitor. A distant third and fourth best option are 866 and 877, respectively. These two prefixes will often lead to you missing a fair amount of calls due to misdials because people aren’t as used to dialing those area codes. The fact that your ideal area code could be snatched up quickly is yet another reason why time is of the essence when choosing and purchasing a toll-free number.


You don’t have to limit the number of digits you use



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