Companies that offer toll-free numbers.

When it comes to purchasing your toll-free number and its accompanying services, there are two approaches to take:

  1. You can choose to go through the telephone company directly
  2. or you can purchase one through a service provider.

Undoubtedly, the best way to get a toll-free number is through a service provider.

Going through a service provider enables you to choose the ideal toll-free number, obtain the features you want, and customize your toll-free number package to get the most for your money.


Phone Company vs. Service Provider

Service providers offer more personalized service, and this can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your toll-free number and how much business it brings you.

You can find plenty of service providers online and the best is Later, this chapter will discuss the many advantages of choosing this particular company.

Shared-use Providers

There is another type of company that offers toll-free numbers, and they are known as “shared use service providers.”  These companies buy toll-free numbers in bulk and then sell the use of them or rent them on a temporary basis.

These providers are ordinarily not the best option because they are usually more expensive and limit your territorial usage of the number. They also retain all rights to the number, so they can choose to prevent you from using it whenever they so choose.  This can cause problems if they ever decided to raise your rates or simply take the number away from you.


Choosing the right service provider, such as, will permit you to get the best of both worlds: The myriad of features that the telephone company offers and the superior customized service that only a service provider can give you. Therefore, choosing to go with an online toll-free number service is the best option.


Choosing a provider that offers enhanced services


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Alternative Uses for a Toll-free Number



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