Chapter 7: Answering Your Toll-free Number Questions

Despite the fact that purchasing a toll-free number is a minimal investment, it is one that can bring a multitude of benefits.

As with all investments, it’s always wise to find out as much information as possible before making your purchase.

This chapter will cover some common questions about toll-free numbers and give you the answers to help you make a well-informed decision.



  1. How does a toll-free number work?
  2. Can other countries call my new toll-free number?
  3. Is there a voicemail option with toll-free numbers?
  4. How am I billed for my toll-free number?
  5. What if my toll-free number is taken; can I find out who owns it?
  6. Can I transfer my toll-free number calls to my cell phone?
  7. Can I have extensions with my toll-free number?
  8. Will I have to get a separate line for my toll-free number?
  9. Can I have multiple toll-free numbers ring on one phone line?
  10. What is and how long has it been around?


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