Chapter 3: How to Make Your Toll-free Number Work for You

Now that you have your ideal toll-free number all picked out, it’s time to discuss ways to make your brand new number work for your business.

After business owners purchase their toll-free numbers, they sometimes experience what I like to call a “toll-free lack of vision.” Rather than recognizing all the great ways they can boost business or make money with their new number, they will either fail to utilize it to its full advantage or miss all of the possibilities that come with owning a toll-free number.

Because I would hate for this to happen to you, I have included a list of ways in which you can use your toll-free number to increase your profits:


  1. Enhance your marketing efforts using your toll-free number.
  2. Using your toll-free number to fine-tune your marketing campaigns
  3. Grabbing the right toll-free number at just the right time.
  4. Taking advantage of misdials.
  5. Having a toll-free number that doubles as a domain name
  6. Selling the use of your toll-free number in various local markets.


Enhance your marketing efforts using your toll-free number


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How to Pick a Toll-free Number Service Provider.


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