Chapter 2: Choosing the Perfect Tollfree Number

Possibly the most important aspect of obtaining a toll-free phone number is choosing one that will maximize your marketing efforts. A costly mistake that some businesses tend to make is quickly choosing a toll-free number without giving it at least a bit of thought.

For example, some companies might rush to purchase a tollfree number, only to choose one which doesn’t accurately convey their message or fails to stick in the minds of their customers or clients. Therefore, a rather large toll-free number faux paux is hastily choosing one that isn’t the right fit for your business.


Below is a mini-guide to selecting an ideal toll-free number through

  1. Instances where a non-vanity toll-free number may be more beneficial.
  2. Get creative (but be clear and concise) when choosing your toll-free number
  3. Deciding which special area code to use
  4. You don’t have to limit the number of digits you use
  5. Have your number reflect your business image rather than business name
  6. Other things to keep in mind when choosing your toll-free number.
  7. Additional resources for finding the perfect toll-free number.
  8. Above all else, think like a consumer.


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Instances where a non-vanity toll-free number may be more beneficial


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How to Make Your Toll-free Number Work for You


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