Other things to keep in mind when choosing your toll-free number.

TFN eBOOK.pdf - Adobe ReaderYou should avoid using a number hybrid. This is where you use both letters and numbers in your tollfree number (i.e. 1-888-444-JOBS or 1-800-555-CARS). Number hybrids often result in the customer only remembering the word portions of your number and failing to commit the numbers to memory. If you should find that the all-letter number you wanted is taken, try to come up with another creative all-letter number, rather than just settling for a number that includes a portion of your ideal word and a few numbers. Other things to keep in mind when choosing your toll-free number.

Also, keep in mind that the letters Q and Z were added to the keypads of newer phones quite recently. In fact, phones manufactured a little over a decade ago generally won’t include these letters at all. Therefore, you should try to steer clear of them. Given that the older phones don’t feature these letters, you might be missing out on business. Those potential customers who don’t have those numbers on their keypads will probably not go to the trouble of figuring out the numerical value of your letters and will simply call elsewhere.


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