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Having the right toll-free number with your business is one of the most important things to pay attention to.

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Choose Your Provider

Have you been thinking about purchasing a toll free number to grow your business, but simply don't know how or where to begin?

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Market Your Company

Would you like to expand your market reach to a national scale, or are you striving to boost local promotional efforts?

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Boost your marketing efforts and get more calls simply by getting a Money-Making Toll-Free Number Service

Businesses use email, social media, and other online platforms for much of their daily communication; BUT, enabling consumers to directly, easily reach a representative on the phone is still of tremendous importance.

A tollfree number gives customers and clients a free, personal way to contact your business.

It is also a cost-efficient way to enhance your professional image. Whether you’ve been considering a toll-free number for some time or recently started your business, you’ve come to the right place.

I am Logan Marshall. I started a phone company in the 90's and I have over 14 years of market experience. I wrote the book on toll-free numbers and I want to help you today by giving you the information that only a phone company CEO knows.

5 Ways that a Toll-Free Number Can Boost Business

There are a variety of ways in which a business toll-free number can boost business and stretch your marketing dollar. Given that vanity numbers and toll free numbers are extremely affordable and don't require an additional phone line, toll-free number marketing is quickly becoming a popular way for businesses of all sizes to increase profits and widen their market reach. Here are the top 5 ways that a toll-free number can boost business:

  1. Round the clock customer service.

    Thanks to the fact that your customers can reach you 24/7 on your cell, home or office phone (depending upon which device you choose to forward your calls to), increased customer satisfaction and an enhanced customer experience go hand-in-hand with a toll free number.

    Plus, you don't have to worry about missing out on important phone calls anymore, given that you can now accept important customer calls wherever you may be. This means that you can spend more time outside of the office!

  1. Attract new customers.

    It's a proven fact that customers are more likely to buy goods or services from a business that has a toll free number, as they have more confidence in their purchase. In addition, having a toll free number gives you the ability to attract customers on a national scale, not just within your local market.

  1. Build your business' credibility.

    Having a toll free number listed on your website or on your marketing materials boosts your business' credibility, as customers know that they will be able to easily reach your free of charge should they have any comments or concerns.

    This leads to increase sales and profits. In essence, toll free number marketing provides you with the rare opportunity to give each of your customers a significantly improved customer service experience, and improve your business' image, for a minimal investment.

  1. Recognition.

    Memorizing a string of numbers may be difficult for some customers, and it may be even more challenging to associated that number with a business. However, opting to purchase a toll free number allows for your business' recognition quickly and affordably, especially a vanity number that includes an easy to remember phrase or word associate with your business or industry.

  1. Increased marketing power.

    Having a toll free number gives you the opportunity to enhance every other aspect of your marketing campaign. From fliers to signage, a toll free number can be placed on just about any promotional tools that you have in order to make them even more effective.

    Customers will be able to easily remember your toll free number when they see it, and will be more likely to give you a call (rather than your competitor) as a result.